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Identity Theft is a global epidemic wherein an impostor obtains pieces of personal or corporate identifying information easily secured from debit and credit cards; banks account numbers; cyber-crimes; drivers license numbers; ‘phishing’ scams; or discarded documents, and uses them without permission for personal and/or economic gain.

A stolen identity can have far reaching affects on credit scores and can cost valuable time and unlimited financial resources to restore. Identity Theft destroys individuals, families and businesses.

Executek International is the Canadian distributor of real time identity monitoring with proactive identity notification. Real time identity monitoring works with the latest Internet crawling and monitoring technologies, and uses industry standard encryption and security processes to maintain data security and monitoring reliability. It provides early alerts and notification of changes to a customer’s credit or non-credit profiles.

Be aware and take care.  By helping to identify stolen card numbers and personal information available on black market Internet sites before significant damage can occur, real time alert and notification services provide a pro-active solution to keeping your identity safe. 


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