Nick Migliore is a veteran risk management provider to a diverse group of local and international clients in the security, building operations, hospitality, and entertainment industries. As the President of Reilly Security - a decades old Toronto security systems integration company, Nick is both a Board Certified Fraud Examiner, and is a highly trained expert in investigative services, risk prevention initiatives, and security planning and consulting enterprises.

By maintaining the highest standard of technological security advancements available to his clients, Nick remains a leading global security solutions broker. Currently, he is a Director on the Toronto Victim Services Board; is the Chair of the Toronto Association of Police and Private Security - a non-profit organization committed to supporting crime prevention initiatives and emergency response tactics; and is the past Executive Director, Building Operations and Security for Toronto’s CN Tower, as well as TrizecHahn’s former Director of Security.

His numerous memberships, awards, and honourary commendations in the security industry, including a Honourary Detective Toronto Police Gold Shield, reflect his professional directive that maintains ‘that for every situation there is a viable solution’. Over the years, Nick’s exemplary service in the global security business has been recognized by: The United States Secret Service; NATO Security Office; British Royal Marines; Amra Dei Carbinieri; Israeli Secret Service; The US Department of State; International Association of Chief’s of Police; Royal Canadian Mounted Police; and, The Government of Canada, etc.

In addition, Nick holds a number of accreditations in international law enforcement and security, occupational health and safety, and management and leadership disciplines from: The Los Angeles Police Department; Toronto Police Service; J. Reid & Associates; The American Society for Industrial Security; Firearms Self Defense Consultants; The Industrial Accident Prevention Association; and, The Canadian School of Rescue Training, etc.

Leading a team a of special services and security professionals, Nick’s accomplished dossier sets the standard for excellence in the application and execution of Executek International projects that promote client safety, discretion and peace of mind.